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"I was a first time owner when I arrived on the yard and the grooms have put up with someone who lacks severe confidence in their own knowledge and the amount of questions that comes along with that with amazing patience. As well as the grooms, all the other liveries on the yard are so supportive and encouraging of you and your goals which makes for a lovely friendly atmosphere and lots of trips for tea and cake on the weekends! Having come from a previously horrifically judgmental yard, coming to Mole Valley Liveries was a breath of fresh air. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."
Amy & Ruby

"This is an exceptional yard!!! The staff and liveries are all extremely friendly and supportive of each other. Whenever we have a clinic or someone goes to a show, there's always a support crew ready to cheer you on, or help you out.
As a nervous rider myself who is prone to regular attacks of loss of confidence, I cannot fault the help and advice I have received from the yard manager, the lady who comes to teach and the other liveries. Whether it be an emotional pep talk, or help with schooling my pony, I only ever have to ask. I have been here for nearly 4 years and have achieved more with my pony than I ever thought possible.
I have made some amazing friends, and am looking forward to a long future here."
Debbie & Pickle

"The staff here are very supportive and if you are nervous they will always help. Always friendly and helpful. They looked after my elderly pony and loved her like their own."
Gill & Mojo

I arrived at this yard a bag of nerves and ready to throw the towel in with a new horse that was being very difficult to handle and ride. My confidence was rock bottom and I actually wanted sales livery. After talking to the yard manager, she told me to hold fire and give him a few weeks!!!!! Well, that was a year ago and we are still together :) he is a totally different horse and with the help and instruction of some brilliant people we have come such a long way. 
The other thing that sets this yard aside from others is the other Liveries. All friendly! No Bitching- always someone to ride with or ask advice. No one looks down on you and everyone genuinely wants you to succeed. Best move I made."
Emma & Max

"I've been a livery at Mole Valley Liveries for nearly 5 years now. The service is great and staff are fantastic and knowledgeable. The liveries are friendly and so supportive. You couldn't find a happier yard. The horses are looked after as if they were their own. The woods are absolutely beautiful to ride through, makes hacking very enjoyable. Clinics organised are much fun and lessons onsite mean we all get much needed help to progress from a fantastic instructor. Thank you all xx"
Hilary & Ginge

"I've been here for just over 4 years and absolutely love it! Liveries on the yard are so supportive and there is always help on hand if you ever need it. Without the support and advice from the yard manager and our instructor, I would not be where I am today with my ex-racer. Great yard, great people and happy horses!"
Emma & Archie

"I have only been here since October but I knew Ross (the land and business owner) about 15 years ago when we were at the same yard together, so when I was looking for a new yard for my mare, I knew that Ross would be the person to ask and straight away he remembered me and my horse. I have had my mare for 17 years now and hacking has always been a problem for us as she isn't that great on the roads but, being at the farm, it has such amazing facilities that you don't have to go on a single road which is perfect for us. Ross and his staff have been amazing, very helpful and treat the horses as their own, nothing is ever too much trouble. We are both very happy here, the only downside is that I didn't come here sooner".
Shelley & 'B'

"We arrived at Mole Valley Liveries as nervous, novice owners/riders with a new pony! Ross took us on at very short notice and from the moment we arrived he has been incredibly kind, supportive and patient. All of the liveries are just amazing, they have given endless support and help to us. The yard has great facilities together with beautiful off road hacking. Not only this but there are also regular clinics which you can join in with and a fantastic instructor who is very understanding and she gives you confidence no matter what level/ability you are. We feel extremely fortunate to have found Ross and the liveries at Mole Valley and cannot thank them enough for everything that they have done for us".
Clare, Coley & Lilly

"What an amazing yard! I haven't had a horse for 33 years and I was really worried that I didn't know enough to look after him. Everyone that I have met has been so friendly and are really supportive. Ross, who is the owner, is such an amazing person and is always on hand to help, however small or large the problem is and I feel I can ask anything and not feel stupid. My horse has settled so well and loves the woods, which are straight out of the stables. I couldn't ask, or want for a better yard, staff or other liveries for my horse. I feel confident that he is being extremely well looked after when I cant be there. Thank you Ross and the grooms for your kindness, thoughtfulness and putting up with my lack of knowledge. You are always pleased to see my children and I never feel that they are not welcome. I have a very happy horse and I can't fault the service you provide".
Caroline & Mr Darcy

"Amazing yard... (no bitchiness)... fantastic attached hacking... quality experienced and pragmatic horse care... cannot rate this yard highly enough... if I ever move to RH I'd go back in a flash!"
Emily & Khepri

"Mole Valley Livery stables is friendly, caring and fun. I've recently got back into horse riding, and have enjoyed every minute. One of the reasons why I have enjoyed it so much is because the horse I share is at this stables. The yard is located in a lovely area and is very picturesque, which provides a beautiful backdrop when hacking. The people at the stables are really welcoming, and support each other through all the challenges that horse riding can bring. Everyone is willing to cheer you on at shows and clinics, and they make a great team. I've learnt a lot through all the helpful advice I've been given and from the horse riding workshops that have been organised there. I'd strongly recommend anyone to come here, and so become member of this team. We all share the same view and are all passionate about horses!"
Emily & Tess

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